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The code of honor of the state experts

The citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who chose a profession of the state expert of system of the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic conducting «State out of departmental examination of projects» (RSE «Gosexpertiza») Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan on affairs of construction and housing and communal services, assigns to itself execution of following moral obligations and ethical standards:
1. Strictly to observe the Constitution and laws of Republic of Kazakhstan, and also other normative legal acts mentioning questions of regulation of architectural, town-planning and building activity, regulations and requirements of the state normative and technical documents operating in the field of architecture, town-planning and construction, and by that to provide appropriate quality of projects for construction, security, reliability and stability of functioning of the designed objects, protection of economic interests of the state and society, legitimate rights of citizens.
2. Constantly to show care of authority of system of state expertise and fully support it. To resist to the actions interfering effective functioning of system of state expert appraisal and appropriate performance of official duties by the state expert.
3. Fairly and honesty to carry out the civil and service duty. Strictly to observe a labor discipline and effectively to use working hours, qualitatively and in due time to carry out official and other duties.
4. To not suppose abusings service position, displays of unreasonable bureaucracy and red tape at carrying out of state expertise pre-design (feasibility reports) and the design (design-budget) documentation on construction, and also display of roughness and bias.
To respect with honor and advantage of the persons participating in carrying out of state expertise from customers, and also other citizens who have addressed with private inquiries in state expertise of projects.
5. To make all efforts for highly professional work, to apply optimum, economic and other competent ways of the decision of tasks in view.
Constantly to improve the qualification and professionalism, to raise a level of technical and general culture.
6. To resist to displays of corruption, to stop any attempts someone for creation of corruption conditions.
To not suppose and stop the facts of infringement of norms of service ethics from other state experts.
7. To not suppose use of the service information in mercenary and other personal purposes, strictly observe requirements on confidentiality and to provide a trade secret under considered projects if other is not stipulated by acts of Republic of Kazakhstan.
8. To value a rank of the state expert. The attitude to business and personal behavior to promote steady and positive moral and psychological conditions in collective.
9. Being fit and neatly dressed, suitably to working conditions during execution of official duties, and also under other business or representation circumstances.
Observance of the present Code is a service duty of the state experts. The state expert bears the moral or service responsibility for infringement of the Code before colleagues and management RSE «Gosexpertiza» if other is not stipulated by the legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan.