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The Great Day of Nauryz

In the branch of RSE "Gosexpertize" on the South - Kazakhstan region was organized by the members of the branch the national holiday "The Great Day of Nauryz" which was dedicated to the celebration of the one of the oldest holiday on Earth. The members of the branch were dressed in bright festive costumes. People enjoyed themselves and congratulated each other with the New Year.
We were attached special importance to the number of seven during the Nauryz celebrations because it symbolized the seven days of the week, which was considered to be a time unit of the universal eternity. Seven bowls with the Nauryz-kozhe drink (made from seven sorts of seven types of herbs) would be put in front of the aksakals (respectable old people). The meals were composed of seven components, usually meat, salt, fat, onions, wheat, kurt (a type of cheese) and irimshik (a kind of cottage cheese). The celebration always included mass games and competitions, such as kol kures, arkan tartu etc. The winners were presented by the certificates of honor, medals and prizes.
As we have noticed, that Nauryz has been widely celebrated across the whole country. Of course, the modern festival is essentially different from the old. It is not only about staged shows, ornate yurts, and delicious Nauryz-kozhe. It is also about charitable events, folk sporting games.
Nowadays, it has become a truly national holiday of spring, work and unity. It is dear to all the peoples living in the multinational Kazakhstan. The ancient holiday of Nauryz has naturally become a part of the modern life, preserving the old traditions.