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International Conference

International Conference
International Conference

On November 19 of this year, the fourth international conference was held - "Development of the Institute of Construction Expertise"

The online conference was opened by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Khusnullin Marat Shakiriyazovich, and the Minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation Fayzullin Irek Envarovich and Manuilov Igor Evgenievich, head of FAU Glavgosexpertiza, greeted the participants.

The first with the opening part of the CIS member countries was Karagoyshin Timur Dzhienbaevich, General director of RSE "Gosexpertiza".

Starting with condolences to the family of the deceased head of the State Examination of Kyrgyzstan Arabekov Suyunbay Toktosunovich.

Further, he thanked everyone for their cooperation and encouraged them to continue in the same direction and share their experience on each side.

Later, Kazhkenov Kuandyk, Deputy general director of RSE "Gosexpertiza" for Information Technologies, spoke. In his report, he spoke about increasing the transparency of the cost of construction and the participation of domestic manufacturers. He also spoke about cooperation with pricing, a module for calculating the marginal cost of construction was created on the site of a single portal of Gosexpertiza. The functionality allows literally several steps to automatically calculate the cost according to the enlarged estimated indicators. And he shared with his colleagues that registers of projects with the content of Kazakh goods have been created on a single portal. A publicly available registry increases the transparency of procurement in construction.

Head of BIM-technology department Serikkhaliyev Salamat and chief specialist Nechaev Ivan made a presentation. The work on the principle of "One Window" was demonstrated by the chief specialist of BIM technology Shaimerden Maksat, who plans to interact with participants in the construction sector, using the example of connecting the bodies of the State architectural and construction control (hereinafter - GASK). This year, the task was to implement the GASK module, in accordance with the protocol decision of the Construction Committee.

Currently, all territorial bodies of the GASK work according to this functionality in a single Information System, according to the approved rules by Order of the Committee.

The functionality works in this way:

1. According to the above rules, when issuing a negative opinion, Gosexpertiza sends a notification by official letter to GASK at the registration address of the project organization.

2. In turn, the GASC Authorities for this project, as part of the investigation, have the opportunity to send a request for access to the project estimates with the selection of certain sections. In addition, it is possible to send a request on positive conclusions.

3. Further, Gosexpertiza provides access for the requested period to the selected sections of the project.

4. In the end, according to the documents provided, GASK makes a decision regarding the designer.

5. Information on all violations of the design organization is stored in the information system, and is displayed on the portal for the customer.

At the end of the conference, the RSE “Gosexpertiza” thanked FAU Glavgosexpertiza for organizing this event.