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Festival «Тілге құрмет – елге құрмет»!

Festival «Тілге құрмет – елге құрмет»!
Festival «Тілге құрмет – елге құрмет»!
Festival «Тілге құрмет – елге құрмет»!

From September 18 to September 20, 2013 passed the third annual Festival «Тілге құрмет – елге құрмет» devoted to Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan. 17 collectives participated in the Festival representing all branches RSE "Gosexpertize" of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Following the results of a Festival which was taking place in September, 2012, the right of the organization in 2013 passed to branch RSE "Gosexpertize" on Almaty area, in Taldykorgan where participants of branch RSE "Gosexpertize" on the Aktyubinsk area as a part of 4 people went: Shapatin Erbol, Kalmenov Bauyrzhan, Turmaganbetova Azhar and Imanbayeva Akbota.
Participants of the Festival competed in 3 rounds following the results of which the winner was the branch RSE "Gosexpertize" on Atyrau area, on what we sincerely our colleagues congratulate!
In the first round "My homeland – Kazakhstan!" the poems in a state language with display of videos about the native land of participants were read out.
Performance of the song and dances of the people living in the territory of Kazakhstan, chosen for participants on lot was a task of the second round. The branch on the Aktyubinsk area in this competition represented the Turkish people.
In the third round participants executed a waltz of friendship of the people in ball suits, under the work "Vienna Waltz" of the Austrian composer Johann Strauss.
Also, in free time from rehearsals and competitions, organizers of the Festival organized excursions, including on a new office building of branch RSE "Gosexpertize" on Almaty area.
On 5 nominations of competition the branch on the Aktyubinsk area was encouraged with the nomination "The Best Reader" and personal letters of thanks from organizers of the Festival. We congratulate colleagues from branches of the Southern Kazakhstan area and Almaty which has taken honourable 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Also, we want to express gratitude to organizers - branch RSE "Gosexpertize" on Almaty area, for heartiest welcome and the Festival organization at high level!
To a meeting at the 4th already traditional Festival in Atyrau!