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Nauryz is a celebration of the awakening of life, a holiday of peace and spring! March 31 The Great Day of the branch of the RSE “Gosexpertiza” in the Southern Region was greeted with a particularly memorable preparation.The event "Nauryz" caused the warmth of all guests.Almost the entire national cuisine was put on the festive table, in particular: kazy-card, kurt, cheese, koumiss-shubat and the main dish of nauryz - nauryz kozhe.The festive dastarkhan was opened by the branch director Myktybayev Zh.S. and the community of elders of the collective and gave their blessings to the youth.Young girls and boys of the team dressed in colorful national costumes decorated the team celebration, the big links also did not lag behind their many-sided talents.All staff members sang, showed their talents.
There were songs about Nauryz and they danced in national style. Conducted various games on the knowledge of the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.There are customs and traditions of the Kazakh people who have attained from century to century. At the holiday Nauryz in a number of traditions, in particular, “Asyk” atu, “Lyanga” tebu, other national games with the active participation of the branch workers were played.
Employees were awarded gifts for their active participation in the event team.