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Республиканское государственное предприятие на праве хозяйственного ведения «Государственная вневедомственная экспертиза проектов»    
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On October 6, 2021 RSE "Gosexpertiza" suffered an irreparable loss - after a short illness, the expert of the sector of sanitary and epidemiological examination of projects OTARBEKOVA SHOLPAN MEYRBEKOVNA died. Sholpan Meirbekovna was born on June 22, 1969 in the city of Dzhambul, in 1995 she graduated from the Karaganda State Medical Institute with a degree in Preventive Medicine, qualification “doctor-hygienist, epidemiologist”. Labor activity in the public health system of the Republic of Kazakhstan Otarbekova Sh.M. started in 1995 as a doctor epidemiologist at the epidemiological department of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (SES) in Zhambyl, where she worked until 2007. From 2007 to 2010, she headed the department of preventive supervision in the management of the SES in Taraz. From 2012 to 2017, she worked as the head of the department of sanitary and hygienic supervision over industrial facilities of the SES in Taraz. As a highly qualified specialist, in October 2017, she was invited to work at the RSE "Gosexpertiza". In the RSE "Gosexpertiza" Otarbekova Sh.M. She worked until the very last day as an expert on the sanitary and epidemiological part, where she confirmed her high qualifications and a responsible and conscientious attitude to her work. Sholpan Meirbekovna, along with professional skills, uniquely combined all the noble human qualities for which she enjoyed respect and authority among the employees of our state enterprise, representatives of government agencies, designers, builders and construction industry enterprises of the country. Not limiting herself only to her professional activities, Sholpan Meirbekovna tirelessly participated in the social life of the Enterprise, where by her example she inspired and motivated colleagues, as well as the youth of the Enterprise. By her actions, Sholpan Meirbekovna instilled in those around her a sense of patriotism, as well as caring for her loved ones and family. For many years and fruitful work of Otarbekov Sh.M. was marked with the breastplate "Kazakhstan Respublasy Densaulyk saktau isinin uzdigi". Certificates of honor and letters of gratitude from the authorized body in the field of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a letter of thanks from the authorized body in the field of construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The bright memory of Otarbekova Sholpan Meirbekovna will forever remain in the memory of the collective of the entire system of RSE "Gosexpertiza", as well as all the others who have worked with it all these years. Management, staff and trade union of the RSE "Gosexpertiza"