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Республиканское государственное предприятие на праве хозяйственного ведения «Государственная вневедомственная экспертиза проектов»    
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Anti-corruption reforms in Kazakhstan

On November 24, 2023, a meeting was held at the branch of the State Expert Committee for the Northern Region on the topic of preventing corruption in society with the participation of the representative of the Department of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau for the North Kazakhstan Region (Anti-Corruption Service) Zaitseva Svetlana Nikolaevna. Inspector of the Anti-Corruption Service for the North Kazakhstan Region S.N. Zaitseva briefed those present with amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of combating corruption and ensuring the safety of persons subject to state protection. In her speech, the speaker also spoke in detail about responsibility for unjustified enrichment, noted that there is administrative and criminal liability for a corruption crime. During the lecture, the importance of constructive interaction between the state and civil society, the priority of preventing corruption, as well as instilling anti-corruption values in the younger generation were discussed.