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Automated System Gosexpertiza

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The uniform portal for conducting complex non-departmental examination on construction projects EPSD.KZ and the Unified information system of complex non-departmental examination (hereinafter UISCNDE) developed by RSE Gosexpertiza are the complex instrument of automation of reception, processing and issue of documentation at examination of construction projects.

The uniform EPSD.KZ portal functions according to provisions of the order of the Minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 1, 2015 № 299 and works by the principle of "one window" as for the projects relating to the state monopoly when conducting examination and for the objects which are subject to consideration by the accredited expert organizations. Distribution of projects happens automatically, depending on the criteria specified by the customer of expert works.

Work of the user of a private office at application for conducting complex non-departmental examination is simplified before step-by-step filling of information on the submitted project. All procedures demanding before the signature from the customer of expert works are nowadays made out with application of the electronic and digital signature. Each application for conducting examination is automatically supplied with the step schedule on which the user has a possibility of tracking of the current stage of consideration.

UISCNDE represents the working environment of the employee of the expert organization which is completely covering all necessary processes, beginning from automatic registration of the entering application, up to transfer of the agreed electronic conclusion in a private office of the user of the Uniform portal.

The information system provides transparency at distribution of responsibility on all involved performers, automatically fixes all key temporary marks, allows to control terms and load of personnel and as a result to organize work of production services RSE Gosexpertiza.

The above-mentioned information systems EPSD.KZ and UISCNDE are result of iterative work on introduction of several generations of electronic document management systems in RSE Gosexpertiza, to their gradual improvement and modernization, proceeding from requirements of users and employees.

Thanks to information systems it is possible to reach the necessary level of transparency in expert activity. Data of UISCNDE thanks to the adjusted integration allow to form the interactive map on the website of the Enterprise and to place in her data on the considered projects and the issued conclusions.

Regular updates of program and hardware parts of an information system are aimed at further increase in speed and productivity, improvement of fault tolerance and security of information resources. As a result, today UISCNDE is the information system conforming to the state requirements for information security.

Together UISCNDE and EPSD.KZ will organize the complex decision allowing to facilitate process of obtaining the conclusion of complex non-departmental examination - one of stages of obtaining the construction license which in turn, is evaluation criterion in the rating of the World Bank of DoingBusiness.

Functioning of UISCNDE and EPSD.KZ will entirely be coordinated with policy of the state in questions of digitalization of branches of economy. Within the Digital Kazakhstan program announced by the Head of state in the long term for UISCNDE integration with the available information systems of other coordinating departments and services, for instant information transfer in electronic form, without participation of the applicant is planned. This step will allow to simplify even more allowing procedures for local customers of construction and also to increase investment attractiveness for potential foreign investors.