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Concept of anti-corruption policy for 2022-2026

On November 27, 2023, a meeting was held at the branch of the RSE Gosexpertiza in the Western Region with the representative of the Prevention Department of the Anti-Corruption Department in the Mangistau Region - Mұқatay Nұrgүl Tұrlybayқyzy on the topic "Concept of Anti-Corruption Policy for 2022-2026." The event brought information on the implementation of anti-corruption policy. Topical issues of eliminating corruption risks in the state and quasi-state sectors were discussed, without bringing them to crime within the framework of internal analyzes. During the discussion, the meeting participants expressed their opinions on the further improvement of practical mechanisms for the implementation of the state anti-corruption policy and the education of a culture of integrity. The staff of the branch expressed gratitude to Nұrgүl Tұrlybayқyzy for holding an informative lecture and conversation.