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Flood relief in Kazakhstan: what kind of assistance is provided by RSE Gosexpertiza

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, working groups have been established to eliminate the consequences of floods. Under the leadership of the General director of RSE "Gosexpertiza" Kazhkenov K.Zh. On April 14, 2024, a working group of 10 people left for the West Kazakhstan region to coordinate work on the restoration of housing and infrastructure. On the same day, a meeting with representatives of the MIO was held to familiarize with the situation, on April 15, a meeting was held with representatives of the MIO, RSE Gosgradkadastr, expert, design and contracting organizations, at which an action plan for the design, examination and construction of facilities was determined as soon as possible. The working group is also scheduled to leave for Karatobinsky and Syrymsky districts on April 15. The members of the working group also resolve sectoral issues of the region, for example, Vice Minister of Science and Higher Education - T. I. Yeshenkulov. He inspected the state of the universities, as well as the dormitories where the evacuees are housed. A meeting was held with the leadership of the West Kazakhstan University, a decision was made to switch to an online learning format and increase the number of volunteers among students. A meeting was held with students involved in flood control work. Vice-Minister Taszhurekov E. K. held a working meeting in the akimat to consider the solution of problematic issues on the algorithm and commission activation and compensation of fallen livestock, its disposal, preparation for VPR, etc. Vice-Minister of Transport Kaliakparov M. K. an inspection of the condition of roads and bridges was carried out.